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26 Sep Andesite

 Andesite, an exclusive new material to the Olbia Stone range, is a perfect choice for bringing new life to the ubiquitous Solid Rectangle.  Available in both a honed or flamed surface, the distinctive appearance of dark stone embedded in the fine volcanic rock make andesite...

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17 Sep Diabase

The Green Diabase, is a dark to medium colored basaltic stone with fine inclusions caused by cristallizations, drawing a homogenous and grainy green pattern. The structure is comparable to Basalt and Granite, with minor differences between those characteristic stone types. The hardness and quality of this...

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17 Sep Basalt

Basalt stone tile is a charcoal grey colour. The dark colour and firmness of this natural stone evoke a feeling of security and strength. Suitable for floor and walls. Avaliable Standart Size are;Dimensions by CM Dimension by INCHES1.5 x 30.5 x 30.5 cm 12″ x 12 x...

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